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Multimedia Graphic Designers 

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1. Ayala, Luciano
Multimedia developer and designer specializing in website administration, color correcting, and image processing. Contains resume and portfolio.

2. Seeley, Steve
Graphic and motion designer based in Calgary creating work for broadcast, film, interaction, and print.

3. Lord, Rosalind
Sea explores and experiments with digital and interactive media.

4. Kelson, Ben
Experienced in digital imaging, web design, 3D animation, and digital photography.

5. Cizmic, Haris
Creative portfolio, graphic design, audio/video, web design and architecture, illustrations, digital arts, and more.

6. Hattley, Carl
British digital media professional offering photography, web design, animation, and graphic design.

7. Randolph, Robert E.
Includes resume and list of projects.

8. Andrews, Mike
Experience in photography, graphic and web design, as well as marketing and PR.

9. Adcox, John
New media and Internet creative direction.

10. Yacobson, Arye
Includes profile, resume, animation, artwork, and contact info on a Flash interface.
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